Solos for Young Saxophonist

Solos for Young Saxophonist is a YouTube channel master series which features performances from:

H. Voxman’s Concert and Contest Collection for Eb Alto Saxophone, Bruce Pearson and Mary Elledge’s Standard of Excellence Festival Solos, and Larry Teal’s Solos for the Alto Saxophone Player.

This is a common collection of repertoire performed by saxophonist in Middle School and High School. This master series promotes the use of Smart Music, a music program which allows musicians to play along with an accompaniment. It must be advised that this program cannot replace the musical depth that can be accomplished between two people in performance. Music teachers often refer their students to YouTube as a musical reference. However, videos demonstrating musical excellence tend to be rather scarce. It is this performers hope that these videos will serve as professional representations for these works.


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